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GRP Flat Roofing

A leaky flat roof is a common problem because the majority of flat roofs tend to be made from sheets of felt covered in black tar. This is old technology that is liable to rip and tear.

What is GRP? It’s a 100% waterproof material made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (the same material used for the hulls of boats) which allows us to create continuous surfaces, completely eliminating water ingress.

We’re so confident in this product it comes with a 20 Year Guarantee!

Rated Roofing GRP flat roofs come in two types:

Standard timber and concrete flat roofs for garages and out houses:

Energy saving timber and concrete flat roofs for habitable rooms

For use above habitable rooms, our energy saving option is fitted with extra insulation 100mm Celotex rigid insulation under the tongue and groove roof decking – all designed to help keep your energy bills down and comes complete with a 20 year guarantee.

We have a range of different flat roof options available including

  • Our 3 layer SBS TecnaTorch / Axter Felt system comprises of new treated OSB3 sterling board bitumen underlay and 4.5mm mineral cap sheet complete with a 10 year guarantee.

The Cure It roofing system is the proven solution to almost any flat roofing problem. Cure it is a hard wearing structural waterproofing system which cannot be cut with a knife, won't deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat and will tolerate foot traffic. The system comes complete with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

Rated Roofing also offer the highly durable Firestone Rubber Cover flat roofing system which comes with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee. Firestone Rubber Cover EPDM is a very highly durable material with a life expectancy up to 50 years.

We are certified installers of:

  • Care It GRP
  • Firestone EPDM

New Roofs:

Whether you need a new roof as a result of damage or wear and tear or whether you want to refresh the look of your home Rated Roofing have a range of options to suit you. We can coordinate with the existing tile/slates due to our strong relationships with a number of different manufacturers.

If you would like more details on the range of available tiles and slate options please click here for your complimentary copy of our latest brochure and to be added to our mailing list.

At Rated Roofing we know how important it is to be confident in your roofer and the work they are going to carry out on your home which is why all of our new roofs are covered by a comprehensive 20-year guarantee covering materials and workmanship.


Velux are the household name in windows for dormas and sun tunnels. As registered installers we have worked with Velux to provide the very best solutions for our customers at the highest possible standards.

Whether you need a Velux window installed to bring more light into an existing room in your home or to enhance an attic conversion we can ensure you get the best advice and workmanship possible. For spaces with no external overlook we can install sun tunnels that bring the sunshine into previously inaccessible places.

As with everything we do we pride ourselves in ensuring we have the highest possible standards of training and the backing of the biggest names in the industry to bring our customers the best quality solutions possible.

uPVC Rooflines:

Your roof is the most important part of your home. It keeps your home safe and dry from whatever the weather throws at it, so you need to ensure that rot is not given the opportunity to set in.

Not only does traditional timber roofline and cladding require regular painting, but it can easily rot if not properly maintained. Replacing it with low maintenance PVCu, however, will never rot, warp or crack and will save you a lot of work, giving a clean, tidy and reliable finish.

Our roofline products are available in a range of colours to suit your home. And they can be fitted with gutters and downpipes so your home will look good for years to come. In addition, our dry verge gable end caps can complete the look and prepare your home for the British weather.

The gutters and downpipes for your house can be specified to complement or contrast your roofline. These can be in a flat colour or woodgrain finish.

As guttering, drainpipes, fascia’s, soffits are not the most glamourous of home improvement products, they tend to be over looked, but their appearance and durability can have a significant impact on both the look and performance of your property.

When Rated Roofing fit your guttering, fascia’s, soffits downpipes, bargeboards and cladding, we do not simply patch up existing failing products. We remove them fully and install our products from scratch, replacing everything with new durable roofline products that will never warp, crack, flake or rot – and with the added benefit of zero maintenance, apart from cleaning, meaning there will be no need to repaint or repair.

You will also have a choice of colours and styles to complement your house perfectly.

There are many reasons to replace your roofline such as peeling paint, discolouration, warped fascia’s or leaky guttering, Rated Roofing has the roofline products to resolve all of these problems.

We install a complete roofline system with all the elements designed to work together in making sure your house looks great and is protected from damage for many years to come with the freefoam lifetime guarantee.

UPVC Facias, Soffits and Guttering

Remove the need to ever have to paint your wooden fascia’s again by having them replaced with high quality durable UPVC by one of our dependable roofing contractors.

UPVC is maintenance-free so will ensure long-term peace of mind and also enhance the appearance of your property.


For full details of all guttering styles, fascia’s/bargeboard styles / colours and soffits styles / colours please sign up to our mailing list for your free brochure by clicking here.


Rated Roofing repair and replace the following:

  • Lead Work
  • Chimney Repointing
  • Dry Verge
  • Repointing
  • Leaks
  • Guttering
  • General Repairs


Traditional conservatories can uplift and enhance any home. Yet despite the extra light and space they provide, they can be subject to the elements, becoming too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. So that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round we have worked with specialists in this area to bring you a novel roofing system which prevents these extremes of temperature.

By doing so you can transform your conservatory from an under-used space, into a cosy, welcoming extension to your home that provides the same levels of comfort all year-round.

There is no change to the amount of light that you will get in your conservatory, it is fully insulated to keep in the heat and to protect from the sun ensuring year-round comfort for you and your family, has an energy-saving design and our attractive and comes in style options to suit your house to ensure your conservatory is as welcoming as the rest of your home with a beautiful finish both inside and out.

SupaLite Roof System:

The SupaLite roof has undergone exhaustive testing, design and re-design to arrive at a product for every conservatory roof design and configuration. With changes to Building Regulations in September 2010 it is now possible to specify a tiled, solid and lightweight roof for your conservatory.

Our aim is to ensure that you specify the correct solution for your conservatory and do not breach Building Regulations by choosing the wrong roof or modifications to your existing roof that will not meet Building Regulations and will therefore be potentially unsafe and be a waste of your time and money.

The SupaLite roof system has been designed to be installed as a retro fit onto existing conservatory window frames, converting your conservatory into a usable all year round sun-porch. We can build you a new sun-porch from scratch should you require us to provide this complete service.

If you have an existing conservatory, you will probably agree that it is too hot in summer and very cold in the winter. With the incredible u-value of just 0.18 (0.15 for the Scottish market) of the SupaLite roof system you will never experience these extreme temperature changes ever again!

  • SupaLite gives an incredible u-value of 0.18 (0.15 for the Scottish market) that meets total building regulations.
  • Lightweight aluminium fully structural frame with frame connector system for when new windows or doors are to be fitted to a new or existing building.
  • Choice of tile and slate colours, all tiles are tried and tested for many years in USA, Canada and Australia, giving you total peace of mind in extreme weather conditions.
  • 10 years guarantee on all roof components with a life expectancy of 60 years on tiles.
  • Large roof vents are available to allow in maximum light.
  • Full range of colour matching facias, soffits and gutters to suit your choice of windows.
  • Choice of internal ceiling finishes (plaster or tongue & groove timber effects).
  • Easy to install to existing window frames.